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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Coordinating conjunctions join two independent clauses to make a compound sentence.

Use a comma between the first independent clause and the coordinating conjunction.
Example: My brother like the mountains, but I like the beach.

To help you remember the coordinating conjunctions, think of the words “FAN BOYS”. For And Nor But Or Yet So

Combine the sentences using a comma and a coordinating conjunction.
1. I don’t want to argue with you. I don’t want to give in.
2. She had a lot of friends. She was a friendly girl.
3. I had a cute puppy. I lost him.
 4. He studied for the test. He got a good grade.
5. Jim can boil eggs. Sally can make toast.
6. We can go to Disneyland. We can go to Sea World.
7. Dan moved to Michigan. He moved home again.
8. They didn’t want to be late. They hurried.
9. Jill runs a mile every day. She swims on Fridays.
10. You can choose vanilla ice cream. You can choose chocolate.

Fill in the blanks with the correct FANBOYS conjunctions.
1. I was rushing to my appointment, _________ I still didn’t make it on time.
2. I am going to pull my grades up in Math class, _________ next semester I will be on the honor roll. 2. I love going skiing, _________ I especially love skiing with my “boo.”
3. I could eat the pizza right now, _________ I could save it for later.
4. Samantha doesn’t like Marcus, _________ does she like Tyler.
5. I am hoping that Kyle will call me back, _________ I don’t know if I am ready for a relationship.
6. I never drive to school, _________ I sometimes drive my mom to work.
7. Tianna did not want to go to prom alone, _________ did she want to go with Donald.
8. Damien got his picture taken with his girlfriend, _________ he didn’t smile.
9. I got an A on my history test, _________ I even aced my ROTC inspection!

10. I could spend the night at my best friend’s tonight, _________ I could go to the movies with my family.