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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Use ‘in’ for countries and big towns.
·         She was born in New Zealand.
·         I live in Mumbai.
Use ‘at’ for addresses.
·         Are you still at that address?
We live at D 23, MG Road.
Use ‘in’ for position inside a three dimensional space.
·         The cat is in the kitchen.
Use ‘on’ for position on the surface of something.
·         There is something on the roof.
·         Put the books on the table.
Use ‘to’ and ‘into’ to show direction.
·         He went to work.
·         The child fell into the well.
Use ‘till’ to indicate time.
·         I waited till 6 o’clock.
Use ‘since’ to indicate the starting point of something.
·         I have been waiting since morning.
Use ‘for’ to indicate duration.
·         It rained for two hours.
·         We have been living in this city for three years.
Use ‘from’ to indicate the source.
·         She comes from a small town.
Use ‘to’ to indicate the destination.
·         He went to America.
Use ‘between’ to indicate position between two or more clearly defined people or objects.
·         The child sat between his father and parents.
Use ‘among’ to indicate position among more than two people or objects.
·         She sat among the children.
Use ‘with’ to indicate the instrument and ‘by’ to indicate the agent.
·         He killed the spider with a stone.
·         The spider was killed by the boy.
Use ‘beside’ to mean ‘by the side of’.
·         The boy sat beside his mother.